Roots & Rituals

Sofeia Eddy

Roots & Rituals was founded in 2019 by Artist, Herbalist, and Espiritista Sofeia Eddy who has been creating while being among nature nearly her whole life. She grew up homesteading and living off grid in upstate NY, which allowed her to learn a lot about gardening, wild plants, and home healing remedies. 

Roots & Rituals is about honoring the rituals that are sacred to us and our ancestors, and uncovering the many ways African diasporic people have survived by passing down spiritual & healing wisdom. Many of these rituals have translated into visual art for Sofeia, and such paintings and creations are a narrative backdrop for the essence of Roots & Rituals. 

The growing collection of herbal healing remedies including tinctures, teas, salves, spiritual waters, baths & colognes are inspired by the healing that she and her family need and use the most. Roots & Rituals honors nature spirits, plant spirits, and ancestral spirits as the foundation and inspiration for her healing remedies. Many of the herbs used in her medicine comes from the land from which she grew up, as well as those she grows herself, wildcrafts, and buys from local organic farms. Roots & Rituals offers consultations for custom made medicines, as well as divination for spiritual consultations. 

Instagram: @rootsxrituals