Pinewoods Potters

Mary Pierce LaFleur

Mary Pierce LaFleur began making pottery 30 years ago at the Boston Center for Adult Education. She studied there for three years with Dorothy Mayzel. In 1975, she moved back to Troy, New York when she married her husband, Bob. One of our first purchases was a potter's wheel, followed the next year by an electric kiln, and she was in business. Pinewoods Potters was established in 1977 on Pinewoods Avenue in Troy.

Mary enjoys making pottery that people can use in everyday life. Her educational background is in music, and the patterns and designs she uses remind her of the movement and form of music. Another influence on her work has been her flower gardens, which bloom with vibrant color and unique texture.

Going into her studio every day is an adventure. Mary loves creating new pieces and has recently begun using brightly colored slips that give her pieces a fresh new look.

Mary has taken classes with Lana Wilson at Penland School of Craft and with Hayne Bayless at Arrowmont in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Last summer she studied raku firing with Randy Broadnax at Sugar Maples in the Catskill Mountains.

Mary teaches hand-building classes and raku classes at the Art Center of the Capital Region. Raku is an alternate way of firing where a piece is placed in sawdust or horsehair after it has reached 1800 degrees in an outdoor kiln. It creates a beautiful look.

Instagram: @maryplafleur

Facebook: @pinewoodspotters