Jovilla White

Tamara White

Jovilla White started out of Tamara's lifelong passion for sewing and fashion. As a child she dreamed up and hand stitched clothes for her dolls, later studied fashion design in college, and spent many years as a tailor, designer and prototyper. Eventually it felt right to launch her own line of sewn goods, named after her middle name "Jovilla".

Tamara's products are original designs,  individually handcrafted using a variety of vibrant fabrics and materials. She strives to use up all materials involved in her process, even saving scraps to be made into something new.

Incorporating up-cycled, second hand, found and non-traditional materials is a growing initiative for Jovilla White designs.

Tamara offers custom work, repairs, alterations and remakes as well, to help reduce waste through conscious consumption and repurposing. She strives to provide quality work and spark a connection to products so that they will be loved, used and reused.

Instagram: @jovillawhite

Facebook: @jovillawhite